Thursday, April 3, 2008

To be or not to be 60

Welcome to my world. It’s sometimes funny, usually sweaty, and a bit lonely, but I’ve made it this far! I’m the mother of 3, the wife of 2 (one at a time) and the Master of one (Maltese dog). So why do I think it worth the effort to blog out loud? Well, being in the front end of the Baby Boomer truck that is roaring down the highway at increasing speeds, I think there are a lot of folks out there sharing the same experiences and maybe it would be pleasing to them to hear they are not alone. And maybe that sense of community will help some of us get through the rough spots. Comments are encouraged!

I suspect that the 60’s will bring more personal changes than any other era I have experienced. I will probably lose some dear friends, parts of my good health, and most of my good looks! So there you go. It’s easy to point out the bad stuff, because we don’t know what the good stuff of being 60 is yet. I’ve already done the losing my “nuclear” family bit and I’ve survived the Sandwich Years, which leaves me as the matriarch of my husband’s and my families! Or sole survivor in the latter case.

And a Boomer. We threatened that we wouldn’t grow old in the same ways our parents did and it appears we are being true to that threat. The 60’s are the new 50’s??? My mother didn’t jog or watch what she ate. Did she even own a scale? Or wear one contact to read? I do remember her fretting about trying to put on mascara when she couldn’t see anything closer than her hand at the end of her outstretched arm. Nor did she plan to live until she was 100, much less beyond. Good thing. The picture of abounding health, she didn’t make it to 55. I have just recently forgiven her. More on that later.

Please join in my whine. Community is more important now than ever as sometimes that's all we have around us.