Friday, July 9, 2010

What Our Mothers Never Told Us!

I received this email from a dear friend and today at lunch with some girl friends, the subject came up again!

Lynn gave me permission to share this with you. She started out by say that she was glad that I had started this blog for opportunity for us "to share openly your experiences with something our mother's only whispered and/or cried about. As you know bio-identical hormones have made all the difference for me. The funny thing about menopause was I began reading and attempting to be prepared in advance but it still blindsided me. I think because I did not understand peri-menopause. I went through a major round of cardiovascular tests due to heart palpitations. It turned out to be a girlfriend (not a doctor) who told me that is a common symptom of peri-menopause. The depression came next and then the synthetic hormones. After three years of menopause jungle I found my mentor in a young woman in Ocala working as a hormone consultant in a compounding lab. I am now an official, card carrying, t-shirt wearing proud member of BHRT.4.Me

Deanne Bauman is happy to do telephone consultations (352)622-2913 (cost is $50 per hour). Best money I have ever spent. I believe one of the biggest misconceptions women have is they think if they are not having hot flashes they have no symptoms. Menopause can be a great time in your life or it can be hell. It quietly robs you of many things you take for granted when you are young. Bio-identical therapy can keep that from happening. The best thing we can do is be our own advocate, read, speak openly and support your kind and loving spirit of doing this blog."

Amen to that! Thanks, Lynn~

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, Mom, for telling me that, yes, I could indeed be perimenopausal at 38 when everyone else,including me, thought I was just plain crazy. I'm so proud of you for opening this up for discussion!!!